High View Solutions are a company that offers different services provided using UAV's, or drones. We are able to provide a multitude of operations including

  • structural inspections,

  • land surveys,

  • photography,

  • videography and

  • 3D mapping. 

There is also the option to provide just the equipment and the pilot, allowing your photographer to operate the camera and take imagery.

We're based between Middlesbrough in the North East of England and Basingstoke in the South of England, which allows us flexibility to work across the whole of the UK

We consider safety our primary focus and as such we meticulously plan all work-scopes and risk assess so that all identified risks are mitigated down to an acceptable level. It's not simply a case of turn-up at a minutes notice and we're good to go.

We start with a remote site survey which is normally followed up by a site visit with the client, a brilliant time to discuss what we're looking to achieve. Then we look at gaining the relevant permissions to fly for that location. 
Then there's the weather... Good ole Blighty! In short, if the conditions aren't right we cannot fly. That decision rests with the pilot on the day. He's responsible for ensuring that all flights are operated safely.

We have our Permissions for Commercial Operation from the Civil Aviation Authority and hold insurance for both aircraft and rope access work. You can find us on the CAA's list of approved SUA commercial operators - CAP 1361 which lists everyone in the UK that is allowed to use small unmanned aircraft (drones) commercially and can be found here.

With the exception of company logos, which are used with permission, we hold the copyright for any imagery captured however we will never allow third-party use of commissioned imagery without the express consent of the original client.