So... What do we do?

No, we aren't ordained...

Structural Inspections - buildings, wind turbines, pipelines, bridges, etc.

Still & video imagery for websites, advertising & social media

Aerial shots of weddings are becoming increasingly popular. One favourite is the whole wedding party outside the venue, capturing the whole building and transferring the image to canvas for display in the home. 

We are able to provide either a standalone service for special occasions such as weddings apart from your event photographer, or an add-on service to supplement your event photographer.

Where an inspection previously entailed sending men up to the location to be inspected on ropes, we can now send the aircraft up to inspect something, see it in real-time on a high definition monitor and take images for evidence, effectively removing the need to work at height, and if the inspector passes it, the time saving is massive.

3D mapping for surveys and training packages

Where the bigger corporations used to use helicopters and high powered zoom lenses, aerial photography has been opened right up to smaller businesses via drones, just minus the prohibitive cost!


We have been approached by various companies and charities to help promote their businesses using stills and short video clips to be used on social media, websites and in short marketing videos. 

Want to show someone around your place without them being there, or show them how a building will look in the land around it?

3D mapping has a multitude of uses both from an aerial perspective and a ground based. Exactly the same principles apply to 3D mapping a house or plot of land, as it does a product such as a washing machine or car.
In simple terms, it's a series of images stitched together by selecting the same point in different photographs and matching them up. Kinda like a photographic jigsaw. The finished product is amazing.

After all a drone is just a flying camera.

We don't just do aerial photography. You'll see in the gallery just as many images taken from the ground as from the air.

All the images used on the website were taken by Chad Upton, our director and chief pilot. We hold the copyright on the images. Please contact us if you see an image you wish to use and we will happily discuss terms.

Got something in mind that's not listed here, get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

Or more for proof that you actually did it!

Holding a sporting event and want some footage?

There are loads of first person videos of extreme biking, surfing, bungee jumping, motocross, rallying etc etc... Why not take the camera off the helmet and get a more impressive viewpoint?
That 75m bungee jump off Middlesbrough's Transporter Bridge would look a bit different shot from 30m away and right in front of the jumper. Give the event a better sense of perspective!

Sometimes it's borderline, and when it is, imagery is immediately available to be sent back to the client to validate a close inspection (subject to mobile network coverage). If it's then agreed that we need a tactile or close visual inspection we can get to the site using rope access, meaning there's no need to send a separate team on a separate visit. Again, saving time and money through the single visit.

Our chief pilot and primary inspector are both IRATA trained level three rope access safety supervisors.